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A conquered Earth A conquered Earth A conquered Earth A conquered Earth A conquered Earth A conquered Earth A conquered Earth
A conquered Earth

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The Invader Zim Fansite Matrix of Doom!
Room with a Moose and GIR! 10 N N Y Y Y Y N Y Y Y This site is actually an amalgamation of 2 early Zim sites, Room with a Moose and Gir.n3. It is probably the most complete single site out there right now in terms of images, downloadable files etc. etc.
Bad, Bad Rubber Piggy 8 N N Y N Y Y N Y N Y This site has the most screenshots of any fansite I've ever seen and it has audio downloads of the 4 un-produced episodes.
Paranormally Wired                        
WAV's of Doom                        
x-eevee kicks ass                        
Zim pictures                        
T.V. Monkey                        
I Loveded you Piggy!                        
Invader Zim                        
The Amazing Invader Zim Website                        
Ultimate Zim Site                        
Prepare to be Subjugated!                        
Mysterious Mysteries                        
Toasted Bananas                        
Ultimate Gaz                        
Membrane Graphics                        
Meatloaf Milkshake                       This site has a nice selection of wallpapers.
All About Zim                        

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Invader Zim on IMDB.com Heart Shaped Skull (Aaron Alexivich)
Bring Back Invader Zim petition Jean-Paul Bondy
Invader Zim on Wikipedia Richard Horvitz
Invader Zim at The Big Cartoon Database Studio Tavicat (Rosearik and Tavisha Simons)
  Spookyland (Roman Dirge)
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Easter Egg Archive  
Nicktoons - The Fansite  
Invader Zim at epguides.com Zim product pages
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