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A conquered Earth

The Zimage Gallery

I am going to post some of the more interesting looks for Zim here in one spot for convenience.

Sneak...Sneak... GIR Ride! I'm transmitting from...INSIDE YOUR BODY!!!
Ride the pig! Germ goggles Meat armor protects from germs.
They've boobytrapped their sun!
More organs means MORE human.
We have to save the Earth so we can destroy it.
Where did the last piggy go?
I...am the neighborhood baby inspector!
Bologna race!
Victory for Zim!
Vile candies!
Hey bologna boy!
With this much money, he probably COULD conquer the Earth.
Nice disguise!
Close one!
You ever have the feeling you're being watched?
The Megadoomer
I do not like beans.
Skoodge looks nervous
Nice tinfoil hat
The Alien Molt Phenomena
It's like theyre blaming one individual here.
The Pak rocks!
Is that poop?
Spider legs rock!
Alien squid demon attacks!
You!  Pull some levers!
Had enough yet?
Smeet Zim
Weenie Roast
Zim and GIR watch Dib with the angry monkey
Give me your vile Earth monies!
Mutant vermin alert!
Tirelessly working for the downfall of humanity!
The conductivity test!
Zim meets punch
The heartbreak of headpigeons
Zim hates water
My BUSINESS...is done.
You're on fire!
Brain Stealin
Shloogorgh's Zim

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