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A conquered Earth

GIR (cleverly disguised) enjoys a cupcake
Voiced by: Rosearik Rikki Simons
GIR quotes
Zim's trusty (if not fully functional) robot servant. GIR was created by Almight Tallest Red and Purple from spare parts and a few things they had in their pockets, so he can be excused for his eccentricities. GIR normally appears as a short cylindrical robot with blue eyes and a high-pitched voice, but when he is put into duty mode his eyes turn red and his voice deepens. On Earth GIR is frequently seen in his clever disguise - a green dog suit.

Oddly enough for a robot, GIR is frequently seen eating Earth food voraciously - he likes pizza, tacos, taquitos, tuna and he especially liked a certain cupcake from Walk of Doom.

GIR is one of the most popular characters from the show overall and I have found that in my quotes sections GIR has a majority of the best lines.

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GIR in Duty Mode means business?

GIR appeared in these episodes:
1 - The Nightmare Begins, 2A - Bestest Friend, 2B - Nano Zim, 3A - Parent Teacher Night, 3B - Walk of Doom, 4A - Germs, 5A - Attack of the Saucer Morons, 5B - The Wettening, 7A - Planet Jackers, 7B - Rise of the Zitboy, 8A - Invasion of the Idiot Dog Brain, 8B - Bad, Bad Rubber Piggy, 9A - A Room with a Moose, 9B - Hamstergeddon, 10A - Plague of Babies, 10B - Bloaty's Pizza Hog, 11A - Door to Door, 11B - FBI Warning of Doom, 13 - Battle of the Planets, 14 - Halloween Spectacular of Spooky Doom, 15A - Mysterious Mysteries, 15B - Future Dib, 16A - Hobo 13, 16B - Walk for your Lives, 17A - Megadoomer, 18A - Abducted, 19A - GIR Goes Crazy and Stuff, 19B - Dib's Wonderful Life of Doom, 20 - Tak: The Hideous New Girl, 21 - Backseat Drivers from Beyond the Stars, 22A - Mortos der Soulstealer, 22B - Zim Eats Waffles, 23A - The Girl who Cried Gnome, 23B - Dibship Rising, 24A - Vindicated!, 24B - The Voting of the Doomed, 25 - Gaz, Taster of Pork, 26 - The Frycook what Came from all that Space, 27 - The Most Horrible X-mas Ever, N/A - Pilot, 27A - Roboparents Gone Wild, 28A - Invader Poonchy, 31A - Return of Keef, 31B - Day of da Spookies, N/A - The Trial, 28B - Nubs of Doom, N/A - GIR's Big Day and N/A - Top of the Line.

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